Bolivian Dancers

We love to dance. We. Bolivians. We love a good party, and get on the dance floor, or street for that matter. There are many festivals throughout the country. The most famous one is the “Carnaval de Oruro” (February), but decidedly, not the only one.  Around the early 80s, a group of students from Cochabamba decided that our dances and traditions were getting lost, and they organized a festival that invited students from different fields, to represent dances a from various regions.

This festival is known as “Entrada Universitaria”, these photos are from my home town’s festival, that takes place in June. Early in the year universities decide on the dances to be represented later on. For instance, engineering students will dance the miners dance, all economy students will dance Caporales, medicine students will dance Diablada, and so on. They practice on their time off and rent costumes instead of having new ones made, which makes them different from other festivals.

The goal is to keep our traditions, music, and love for folklore and national heritage alive. We are proud to dance, and we are proud to watch.



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